Business Strategy

Providing Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns

Our business objective is to protect and preserve invested capital in a manner that provides for attractive risk-adjusted returns to our shareholders over the long term principally through dividends. We intend to achieve this objective by continuing to focus exclusively on selectively originating, servicing and managing a portfolio of short-term (i.e., one to three years) real estate loans secured by first mortgages on real estate located primarily in Connecticut as well as Florida, Massachusetts and New York. Our portfolio is designed to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns across a variety of market conditions and economic cycles. We believe that our ability to react quickly to the needs of borrowers, flexibility in terms of structuring loans to meet the needs of borrowers, intimate knowledge of the real estate markets that we serve, expertise in “hard money” lending and our focus on newly originated first mortgage loans, should enable us to achieve this objective. Nevertheless, we will remain flexible in order to take advantage of other real estate related opportunities that may arise from time to time, whether they relate to the mortgage market or to direct or indirect investments in real estate.