Strategic Capital

Competitive Edge Over Other Lenders

Our competitive advantages include an experienced management team, long-standing relationships, knowledge of the market, disciplined lending, vertically integrated loan origination platform, structuring flexibility and no legacy issues.

Tight Credit Conditions Create Opportunities

There is a significant market opportunity for a well-capitalized "hard money" lender to originate attractively priced loans to real estate developers with strong equity positions.

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Property-Focused Investment Criteria

When underwriting a loan, the primary focus of our analysis is the value of the property.

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Loan Origination & Underwriting Process

We focus on originating short-term first mortgage loans, while maintaining responsibility for each stage of the investment process. After identifying a particular lending opportunity, we perform financial, operational, credit and legal due diligence of the borrower and its principals and evaluate the strength of the collateral to assess the risks of the investment.

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